Friday, November 16, 2012

Un-Flagrante Derelecto: The Anatomy Of A Good Call Gone Bad

The Top Ten Reasons Why NBA Referees Rescinded This Flagrant Foul
10- "Oh! You said 'flagrant!' We thought you said fragrant, and it definitely wasn't THAT!"

9- "We thought Bogans saw Leandro choking on a piece of gum. You know, come to think of WAS kind of high for the Heimlich."

8- "Well, the head didn't come off or anything, so..."

7- "Election Day Bet: Loser had to give the winner a neck rub on national television."

6- " about that Petraeus thing, right?"

5- "Sooo...they WEREN'T playing telephone?"

4- "Hey, what's flagrant about a good 'ol man-squeeze?"

3- "It was tough to interpret this one...I mean, Leandro talks all Brazillian and stuff."

2- "You didn't get Commissioner Stern's memo? Hug-it-out Thursdays, Bro!"

And the number one answer...

1- "Obamacare."


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