Sunday, December 29, 2013

These C's Please, As Bass Plays @$$ Off

 Well, it certainly has been a while, eh, GreenHeadz?
After a month-long hiatus from talking about the team I love to love, I’m finally back in the saddle (for a little while, anyway…).

So, what is it that’s brought me back this time? What troubling topic or sensational situation has stirred me out of my long winter’s nap (other than the overwhelming need to empty some words onto a site that probably only myself and MAYBE my Mom and Dad will read, that is)?
The answer? “A couple of things.”

The first would be a loud and obvious skipalong down DUH’sVille Lane with me exclaiming as many, many others already have this season: “I really like this team.”

But, I wanted to also talk about Brandon Bass for a second. I know, I know…I’ve already talked about him at length earlier this season in reference to both he and Jeff Green being the keys to keeping the Celtics from going completely under while Rondo rehabs his surgically stigmatized knee. Here’s the thing, though. I didn’t do him nearly the amount of justice he deserved because plays like the one he made against Dion Waiters in the closing seconds of the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers are somehow still treated as the exception and not the rule at this point, which is dead wrong.

Bass has been, perhaps, the Celtics' most consistent defender this year, taking up for the team and filling in the rather sizeable chasm that was left when defensive heart, soul and all around wizard Kevin Garnett departed for bleaker times down in Brooklyn.
Bass has not only rushed in to plug the breach, contributing to the Celtics ranking as 5th in the league in points allowed, he’s helped to bring along the young cadre of big men that the Celtics look to as the future of the team in Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk and Vitor Faverani. He’s been one of the most consistent of these surprising Celtics thus far, and I still wonder aloud (to anyone who will listen) why so many people continue to believe he has to be part of some dump-and-run trade to land a player who may or may not be as consistent.

Don’t get me wrong, I do see how Sullinger is morphing right in front of us into, as some have somewhat prematurely called him, “the Kevin Love of the East.” And, I am still among the “Kelly Will Do Swell-ly” fan club members who united over Olynyk’s summer league success, but I still see a role for a veteran big man who isn’t afraid to defend the post, can hit the sweet 15-footer, and power to the hole when all else fails.

My other reason for coming out of mothballs after a month in the closet (yes, I DO know how that sounded, thank you very much)?
I have had a major change of heart with respect to “winning by losing.”  

As you may remember (all three of you who have been faithfully reading this blog), I talked about how, while I was 152.08% against any form of tanking, I was also not sad about the idea that the Celtics would be bad, very bad, without Rajon Rondo as their sole superstar for a portion of the season, which would be good, very good, because we had almost as many first round draft picks as Keith Bogans will have DNP’s for the C’s and the lower the pick, the more likely they’ll click (or something equally rhymey and exciting).

The only problem? This team genuinely seems to want to win and, on most nights, just about plays its heart out. I really want to see these guys continue to develop their chemistry and collective ability to fight their way out of trouble to grab the win against more talented teams. I want to see these guys go through adversity together and come out on the other side with an understanding about what it takes to win in any situation. And, I want to see this team claw its way into the Playoffs and dare the other teams to tell them why they don’t belong there yet.

Of course, this means that they would play themselves right out of the Lottery, but you know what? I really don’t mind that. Did I mention that they had a bunch of first round draft picks?

Here’s my thought process on the whole thing:

The Baby C’s battle through the season, even taking it up a notch with the inevitable return of Rondo in the second half of the season; they get to the 8th or – gasp! – even 7th spot in the East, take their lumps in the first round against the top seed while gaining valuable experience; and then Danny “Trader Dan” Ainge wheels and deals a few of the picks and maybe a Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Courtney Lee and/or Bogans into a Lottery selection after all.
Hell, with the way the season is going for the Nets, and the fact that they essentially took a large, stinky poop on any chance to contend in the not-too-distant future by making it rain on the Celtics with their former draft picks, the Celtics will still have lottery picks in the bank when they finally hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy overhead in the Garden.  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Celtics Back To Winning Ways With Losing Days

Now that’s more like it.

The Celtics are finally back on track after a spell of disagreeable basketball.
I say “back on track” because they’ve now lost five in a row, and I say “disagreeable basketball” because I don’t agree with that four-game win streak. I mean, what the Hell are they trying to prove, anyway? This train’s bound for glory and by glory, I mean the NBA Draft Lottery.

Look, I love wins as much as the next guy, but we’re playing for much more than a handful of W’s. We’re playing for the big picture, and that doesn’t include making a first-round exit in the Playoffs. Been there, done that.

Now, I’m being a little facetious (emphasis on the “little”). Of course I want our Celtics to be competitive, which I think they can be on most nights. And, I’d have to be crazy (or a New York fan) to not want these guys to start developing a winning attitude so that, when the time comes and the right team is in place, they know how to win the right way. Tanking is not an option. It has never worked for the Celtics, and history makes the strong argument that it hasn’t really helped many other teams, either.

That said, the Celtics best chance at near-future contention is not to please the fairweather fanbase but to draft smartly, trade wisely and play the style of basketball to match the talents of those wearing the green and white jerseys.

For those of you who believe that draft picks won’t get the C’s back into championship contention, that’s just crazy talk. With a draft that is believed to be as deep as any in recent memory and the Celtics in possession of six first round picks in the next five years, there is a significant opportunity to draft a once in a blue moon superstar to pair with Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green, Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynyk. Hell, they may even be able to draft two. And, if Danny Ainge and co. believe that the player they need is already toiling for the NBA, then he can trade off a combination of multiple picks and a superfluous player (Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and/or Keith Bogans, anyone?) or two (see: “Like 2008 Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen”).

My point is, as I have said before, true GreenHeadz should just sit back, relax and embrace the stress-free simplicity of the 2013-14 Boston Celtics. You’ll be glad you did in about three years.
Bring it, Indiana! And, remember...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hookin' Up Dunks & Facials & Throw Downs...
...With one of the game's most
emphatic dunkers.

Yes, Indeed, folks...though the season is only six games old, Jumpin' Jeff Green has already taken enough heads to warrant our very first "Conjunction Dunktion...With Jeff Green" post of the 2013-14 season.

So, sit back relax and then prepare to jump back up to your feet again and cheer, as the NBA's most carnivorous dunker plays whack-a-mole with the rest of the League.

Mean Jeff Green Gets Edgy With Reggie In A Preseason
Game Against The "New-Look" Brooklyn Nets
Proving That He's An Equal Opportunity Kind Of Guy, Jeff Throws One Down Against The Other Side Of Town vs. The New York Knicks
Making Those Toronto Dinos Sore, Jeff
Soars And Scores Against The Raptors
Making The Ball Disappear Through The Hoop Against The Magic, Jay Gee Went On A Spree In Orlando
Putting The Exclamation Point On This Week's "Conjunction Dunktion" As Well As Jason Maxiell's Head, J-Max Probably Wishes This Video Would Disappear

Saturday, November 9, 2013

C's Kick Heat In Nuts With Buzzer Beater, Extend Win Streak To 3

Are you freakin' serious!?!? Did the "rebuilding" Boston Celtics just stick it to the defending champion Miami Heat? With a game winning 3?! In their own building?!?!?!
Yes!! Yes, sportsfans...this really happened! After continuous (and mostly negative) comparisons to Paul Pierce as in "Jesus,'re the new Paul Pierce, for Christ's sake!! You have to start being our go-to guy!!", Mean Jeff Green threw up the middle finger to haters everywhere and sank the game winner right in LeBron's face!

With the Celtics down two following a classic tank job at the free-throw line by Dwyane Wade who missed two freebies that would have iced the game for the Heat, Jeff Green raised up, up, up over LeBron's outstretched arms and calmly made like M.C. Hammer, not only saying "You Can't Touch This" to South Beach's Number 6, but proving that he was "2 Legit To Quit." Okay, even I know how bad that last sentence was, but what can I say? I'm still delirious from passing out after "The Shot" happened.

But, as much as I would love to continue talking about that incredible and unexpected win, I wanted to do something a little bit different. Sure, other blogs and sports sites will show you photos like the ones above that display in full glory the afterglow of the win, but I'd like to bring fans the stories behind the story.
And, what I am about to reveal could change the way we look at the National Basketball Association forever.
Without further ado...the win in pictures.
While others looked at the series of photos above and reveled at the sight of Jeff Green floating as his shot found its way across the arena and through the basket, I took a closer look at the photos to reveal the truth (No, not THAT Truth...though Jay Gee certainly seemed to be channeling his inner Captain).
God favors the Boston Celtics. I know, I know...but read on...if you dare.
As the shot went up, this Miami-based Celtics fan put in a special request with the man upstairs...

And, as we all know very well, the Miami Heat represent the Devil...I mean, come if the red uniforms, flame at the tip of the "T" in "Heat" (which, by the way, resembles a pitchfork with missing prongs), and the reference to the more-than-balmy temperatures down under the down under didn't already give it away, you have LeBron, Wade, Bosh AND Battier on the same team? And, Chalmers...don't EVEN get me started with Chalmers!

Anyway, in this battle of good vs. evil, clearly, God won this round. Just look at how the Devil's minions reacted to the sight of pure goodness as it flooded the arena...

Many of them appeared to feel the light of righteousness entering through their heads.

It was apparently too much for this guy, as he began to head for the exit even as the ball soared to its glorious destiny...
Say what you will about Miami fans, though (and there IS plenty to say!) they sure do know their famous paintings. Several of them chose to deal with their pain by emulating a well-known Edvard Munch work of art...
Scream 1

Scream 2
Clearly, though...this one really put a hurt on Heat fans right where it counts...

...and, ultimately, good didst triumph over evil.

The End.

Box Score

Tale of THE SHOT

Celtics Jeopardize Draft Position, Win 2nd Straight

Hey, look at that...Jeff Green has as many hands as the Celtics have wins for this young season. What, you thought I was gonna say something crazy like, "Two down, eight to go!"? In your dreams! We're winning this Draft Lottery thing!!

In all seriousness, though, nice win for the C's tonight against the Orlando Magic and good two-game run. The guys are beginning to mesh a little bit better and it looks like there's more cohesion executing the game plan that Coach Stevens is trying to implement, though it's important to note that A) As I've stated previously, this team can beat any team on any given night when they run and play decent defense and B) it WAS the Jazz and Magic, after all.

Speaking of defense, though the C's are currently tied for last place in the Eastern Conference, according to John Hollinger's Defensive Efficiency rating chart, the Celtics are 10 in the league. And, while I absolutely abhor writing about rankings of any kind with a mere six games burned off the schedule, I can talk about some of the reasons for the Green's success in the past two games and their general success through the first three quarters of the four losses.

Brandon Bass has been a BEAST. Channeling his inner KG, he's almost singlehandedly shut down possessions of opposing teams with his energetic, tenacious defense. As has been noted in several blogs by numerous writers, Bass has stepped up to take the role of defensive leader with the kind of relish that can fill a dozen giant hotdogs. I have no idea what that means, but Bass is playing his @$$ off.

Jeff Green is also starting to pick up his aggression on a more consistent basis on the long road to becoming the Celtics' go-to option. See what I mean?

Green also had a great baseline jam in this game, and he's been picking his spots with more frequency as the season inches along. The Kelly Olynyk's (who had a very clutch basket), Jared Sullinger's and Jordan Crawford's of the team are starting to gel together with the veterans (Gerald Wallace had some moments off the bench, where he presumably will continue to contribute from) and their tenaciousness and energy are beginning to pay dividends at the end of games.

Again, as was stated before, Jeff Green and Brandon Bass are going to be key to anything positive the Celtics do this year, which we know isn't much more than moral victories and entertaining basketball. While I understand that one or both of these guys may be moved along the road back to championship contendersville, but it would be nice if both could stick around to be part of Banner 18 in a few years.

In the meantime, keep enjoying the development of our team chemistry and...

Celtics vs. Jazz
Celtics vs. Magic
Who Got Next?
Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat

Saturday, November 9, 2013
7:30 PM ET                        

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Celtics 2013-14: Preparing For The Future, Practicing For The Present

 "It's been a long time...I shouldn't of left you..."
-- Rakim, I Know You Got Soul
With THAT said, what more can be said about the Celtics struggles in these larval stages of the 2013-14 NBA season?

I'm reading/hearing a lot from folks about how upset they are about the losses that are starting to pile up with this team. Now, granted, most of these people are not hardcore fans because, if they were, they'd know that our C's are in the midst of a rebuild and wins really aren't the point this season.

Still, for all you Negative Nellies and Debbie Downers out was stated in the previous post, it's all about the development of young players, the polishing of assets and hunkering down for the future where glory awaits.

Watching Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, Vitor Faverani, Jordan Crawford, MarShon Brooks and the rest improve and make strides together as a team is actually kind of exciting...just read this great article by MassLive's Jay King if you don't believe me.

These guys will learn how to close out games...their hard work will extend over 48 minutes and we'll get our first win of the Brad Stevens Era. In fact, I think we stand a good shot of getting it against Utah.

In the meantime, let's just sit back and enjoy watching these guys find themselves and before you know it, they'll start putting together a couple of wins.

Here and there.

On occasion.


Who Got Next?

Boston Celtics vs. Utah Jazz
Wednesday, November 6, 2013
7:30 PM ET
TD Garden, Boston, MA

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's Zero Hour In The NBA: Do You Know Where Your Celtics Are?

-- Buckaroo Banzai
So, where exactly is it that our beloved Boston Celtics find themselves as General Manager Danny Ainge ushers in season #1 of “The Causeway Construction Project?”

Short recap: Coach Doc Rivers? Gone. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry? Gone, gone, gone.  Era of Ubuntu and Championship aspirations? Gone.  Anything better than a weak puncher’s chance of even making the Playoffs? Gone.

The sole surviving member of the five who famously “never lost a playoff series together?” Gone – at least until December, but I’m hedging on Rajon Rondo returning at or after the All-Star break, if you must know.

After witnessing the tail end of the “New Big Three” era during last year’s Playoff series against the Knicks as the Celtics were dispatched in the first round, prompting their Championship window to slam shut so hard that the glass shattered, Ainge made the unpopular but inevitable and intelligent decision to take a keg to the team and blow things to kingdom come.
With the trade that sent 15-year veteran, All-Star and Celtic original Pierce – along with the iconic Garnett and Terry – down to the Brooklyn Nets, Ainge signaled the beginning of a reconstruction project that will take, at minimum, three years to begin bearing fruit.    

Returning as the only holdovers from last year are Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, Courtney Lee, and Jordan Crawford who join draft pick Kelly Olynyk, rookie Phil Pressey, free agent signee center from Brazil Vitor Faverani, and the members of other end of the Brooklyn Nets trade Kris Humphries, Gerald Wallace, Marshon Brooks and Keith Bogans. Not necessarily what you would call a “Championship Driven” lot, right?  

The team is now comprised of more
youth than age (only two players – Wallace and Bogans – have ten or more years in the League) and new coach Brad Stevens has approximately zero experience in the pro ranks, so any hopes by Greenheadz for a winning season or even an 8th Playoff seed should be of the faintest variety. This is not a team built to win, nor should it be. In possession of six first-round draft picks over the next five years, the goal of Danny and Co. should be to assess current talent for cultivating in either a new Championship core or trade value, develop a winning culture (even though actual winning may prove to be elusive at first), and make savvy moves that improve the team and add to that “Championship core.”

So, to answer the opening question, “where do the Celtics find themselves?” Talent-wise, this team will actually be able to compete with anyone on a strictly night-to-night basis. What it won’t be able to do is sustain any kind of consistency to speak of from night-to-night and certainly not enough make, let alone win, the Playoffs. Record–wise? I always shy away from this kind of prediction, mainly because there is no way to project things like the return of Rondo and other injuries to key players. But, if I were a gambling man, I’d place their wins in the high 20’s. Kind of an upper-middle of the bottom tier of the NBA.  I hesitate to use the label “mediocre” because for me, it implies a sustained level of lackluster play over more than one season. No, the Celtics will be a scrappy, never-say-die running basketball team that can take the New York's, Houston's, Golden State's and even (on occasion) the Oklahoma Cities and Miami's by surprise for a game.

What should we look for in this team? Commitment, measurable improvement and the building of bonds that are forged in the leaner times between players with character. For me, watching the development of Kelly “The K.O. Kid” Olynyk, Brooks, Pressey, Faverani and even Sullinger and Green, as well as the steady return to form of a healthy Rondo should provide me with enough entertainment to deal with the losses.  Wallace and Humphries have proven to be proud competitors as well as veteran leaders alongside Bogans, so any reports about tanking should be met with a portion of skepticism. Unless, of course, any two or all of these players happen to be shipped out of town by the trade deadline in February.

A suggestion that I would like to make to Greenheadz everywhere, if I might be so bold and yet humble: Just sit back and watch this young team without any expectations or frustration. Enjoy every learning moment for the players as much as you will their inevitable moments of success – however fleeting. You are now on the ground floor of a project that will ultimately lead to our #18th and maybe even #19th and #20th banner.
While the road may be bumpy and fraught with wrong turns and steep curves, when they finally arrive at their planned destination, you’ll be thrilled that you decided to come along for the ride.

Game #1…Hoo Rahhh!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Preseason Games 5 & 6: Keeping Enemies Close, Wins...A Little More Distant

See? That wasn't so bad! Going down to Brooklyn to face the Nets and our old teammates (well, teammate, anyway...Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry had the night off.) played out like any other game. Sure, there was good old #34, the Truth himself, giving the game what it needs for the opposition, but it was like he'd been wearing his New York whites all along. Even seeing him greet his old teammates Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and the others didn't make a...didn't make a...hold on....eyes tearing up...

Damn allergies!!!

Seriously, it was VERY strange watching the Captain come back and throw up one of his preseason special "getting the team involved" games against the MIG's (Men In Green), but nothing, I'm certain, compared to what it's going to be like when the other, ex-Celticots Garnett and Terry make their appearance at the Garden on January 26th.

As for the actual game, the C's were able to keep the game close and even had the chance to tie at the buzzer, though Courtney Lee missed a difficult acrobatic shot to let Brooklyn off the hook. Lee had a good game and showed flashes of regaining his offense as the C's high scorer. Kris Humphries showed up against his former team as well, and Jeff Green continued to right the ship from a slow start to the preseason.

What more can be said about this game that won't result in more tears allergies?

Actually, I'll let the truth be spoken by The Truth...

Brooklyn Nets

Box Score

Tale of the Tape

The Toronto game was another close one with the chance to win it at the end that didn't quite take. MarShon Brooks played well for the C's and looked more like the potential keeper many believed he could be with more experience and coaching. Green stayed on track and Kelly Olynyk, Vitor Faverani continue to make me excited about watching this team play together this season.

Toronto Raptors

Box Score

Tale of the Tape

Who Got Next?

Boston Celtics vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
Sunday, October 20, 2013
6:00 PM

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Preseason Games 3 & 4: The Good, The Bad And The Gino

Watching last night's game against the New York Knicks, there were just two things missing that prevented me from total enjoyment: Gino being called out of mothballs to dance on the Jumbotron and the childlike jubilation with which one former Celtic used to watch him do it.

Actually, there was one other thing missing...any remotely linked semblance to relevancy that this win has on the upcoming season.

Now, don't get me wrong...I am the greenest of GreenHeadz that you'll ever find and I've been told that, as far as my belief in and support for the Celtics goes, my balloon never lands. But, when the Knicks go-to high scorer is Ike Diogu -- a man not yet guaranteed to be on the roster come November -- and the only efforts in this game given by the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Ray Felton, Tyson Chandler, Ron Artest and Kenyon Martin were as high-priced cheerleaders, you know that your 30-point win is going to have to come with a major asterisk.

Still, there were encouraging things to be seen, like watching The KO Kid, Kelly Olynyk, hang a well-rounded game on the New Yorkers and seeing MarShon Brooks come alive. Jordan Crawford continues to play under control, Avery Bradley is making his shots consistently and Jared Sullinger's back looks to be in great shape.

On the downside, Courtney Lee is still turning over milk cartons trying to find his jumper and Jeff Green has yet to find the magic can of spinach that he was eating from towards the end of last season and into the Playoffs, but,'s the preseason and most realists out there know that the real reason to watch the games this year is to see the newbies develop and admire the team's scrappy play, even in under the threat of a looming Lottery.

Of course, this team -- especially when Rajon Rondo returns (December? February?) -- is going to be competitive on most nights and may even surprise a few top-tier teams from game to game. But, I can't help but think that the game that was played the night before against the Philadelphia 76ers is more in line with what we're going to see as the season begins in earnest -- a close game in the middle stages between the 2nd and 3rd quarters with the requisite furious comeback, only to fall in the 4th as the better team locks in and drives it home.

Still...looking at some of the young talent that's been scratching and clawing for the Green and White, it won't be too long before Gino regains full employment and anything becomes possible again.

Preseason Game 3
Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers
Box Score
Tale of the Tape

Preseason Game 4
Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks
Box Score
Tale of the Tape

Who Got Next?
Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets
(Yeah, THAT team)
Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
7:30 PM

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Preseason Game 2: Other People's Posts

Okay...I'm just gonna go ahead and admit it...I didn't see a lick of last night's game. I did, however, see some fantastic clips and read some excellent recaps. So, I just have this one question for you...

And, by O.P.P., I mean "Other People's Posts. Being out with friends and family, I felt a little old school nostalgia kicking in as I decided how the Hell I was going to try and comment on a game that I obviously didn't see. You say "lazy man's way to keep his blog updated," I say "excellent opportunity to bring good, quality content to the site while giving props (okay, maybe I've gone a little TOO old school...) to others who drop their own valid takes on their hometown club for GreenHeadz to enjoy everywhere.

So, without further ado...I do:

And, from the estimable Chris Forsberg at

See, now wasn't that fun?

Box Score

Tale of the Tape

Who Got Next?

Boston Celtics vs. Philadelphia 76ers
Fri, Oct. 11, 2013
7:00 PM

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Celtics Preseason Game 1: So, What Did We Learn?

Well, folks...the first preseason game for the Boston Celtics post-New Big Three is in the books. So...what did we learn?

From my perspective, we now know a few little things about a lot of things we don't yet know. Got it? Good!
In no particular order of impression, here are the things that stood out:

* Brad Stevens is a patient guy. Not just with the team, which clearly has some deficiencies, but also with the sports media. To the numbskull who tried to explain to Stevens that the NBA isn't college basketball...congratulations. You're now the town moron.

* This Kelly Olynyk guy can play a little. Okay, I actually knew that already from having watched him work in Summer League. But, it was great to see that he was still comfortable doing his thing against real NBA-caliber defense in a fairly competitive game. His passing skills really can't be overstated. He's going to be very valuable in the future.

* Crash still has some things he wants to break. Gerald Wallace, The Invisible Man in Boston since his trade (you know...the one that sent future Hall-of-Famers Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett out of town with The Jet?), "Crash" showed exactly how he earned his nickname by scrapping, clawing and diving to team high scorer. This guy can definitely be an asset to the younger set as a veteran worthy of emulation. Here's hoping he stays around for a while.

* Sully still loves to get sullied, and by sullied, I mean he does the dirty work and bodies, bangs, tugs and gets his shot off over taller players much the same as he was doing before back surgery took him out for the remainder of his rookie season. I'm still not happy with his recently revealed character flaws, but if he keeps playing like this -- and more importantly, keeps his nose clean -- he's going to provide the C's with a low-post presence they'll need to even think about being competitive this year.

* Kris Humphries can be a crowd favorite? Those words would never have crossed my mind before watching him in action on the floor last night, but the way he boxed out and boarded while putting up a few jumpers and scrappy putbacks has me thinking that it won't be long before fans are defending him when some tiny guard from another team decides to shove him for God knows what.

* Jeff Green was a complete gentleman. And by gentleman, I mean he was not the @$$hole that mentor Garnett and AWOL coach Doc Rivers encouraged him to be. For the Celtics to stay out of the bottom of the East, he's going to have to be less Uncle Jeff and more Mean Jeff Green.

* Courtney Lee still hasn't found it. Let's just hope that it's still sitting at the bottom of one of the moving crates marked "Houston to Boston" so he can unpack that bad boy and become the two-way threat many (including myself) thought he could be.

* Jordan Crawford played (gasp!!) under control!?! While I still think he's more Guards Gone Wild than Steady Eddie, I would LOVE for this version of the CrawDaddy to run the floor here in Boston.

* Filling the role of "veteran stabilizer" will be what Keith Bogans does while here in green.

* Brandon Bass is still Brandon Bass. And that's a good thing.

* We might just have a real center on the roster in Vitor "El Hombre Indestructible" Faverani. His body language certainly says "center" and he changed a couple of shots on defense while showing good hands on the fast break.

* The jury's still out on whether Avery Bradley can man the point until Rajon Rondo returns, but his three-point shooting looked to be back in order and his defense and slashing skills were on full display. Ultimately, he's just not going to be the answer at point, but he'll continue to be one of the best on the ball defenders in the game.

* And, speaking of points...we didn't get to see Phil Pressey try his hand at the position (though Stevens has said that he'll be out there vs. New York on Wednesday) and Mar'Shon Brooks wasn't on the floor long enough to see much of anything, but I expect some good nights from him in the near future.

On To Wednesday!! I'm Yelling Again!!

Tale Of The Tape


Who Got Next?:

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
7:30 PM