Sunday, November 18, 2012

C's Mowed Down In Motown: 83-103

The photo says it all, folks. Do you really want to read about something so horrible?

You do?

Well, in a nutshell...the Pistons found their willing patsy. The Celtics essentially sleepwalked through this one as though they were on the second night of consecutive-back-to-backs. I suppose that's because they were.

In any case, I refuse to denigrate the team that I love by recounting actual facts from this game. Instead:

* Rajon Rondo? Streak safe.

* Jared Sullinger? Team-high 16 points, 7-12 shooting. Five boards.

* Celtics as a team? Two days off to get their sh*t together before facing the 8-2 San Antonio Spurs.

If you want any more "highlights" than that, you'll have to endure watch them yourself.

Box Score

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