Monday, November 12, 2012

NBA Cares About Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hey, Folks...

If you've read any one of these blog posts, you probably think that I take the Celtics very seriously. And you know what? I do. But, there are one or two other things that I can admit are more important than even the Boston Celtics.

By now, everyone knows about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has wrought throughout the Northeastern part of the United States. Massachusetts felt the effects of Sandy, but New York and New Jersey were particularly hard hit. More than 121 have died as a result of the storm's effects and New York City alone had 43 fatalities. Estimates place the damage from the storm at 50 billion and rising, and more than 167,000 are still without power.

NBA Cares, the National Basketball Association's global community outreach initiative, has teamed up with the Red Cross to try and help meet the needs of people left in Sandy's wake of destruction. You can click on the link to see how you can help hurricane victims with obtaining food and needed supplies like blankets, coats and clothing.

NBA Cares Hurricane Sandy Relief


  1. This is GREAT!! Thank you. I'll be sure to do my part.

  2. Gigi-Rican, You are a true humanitarian American! Keep doing good things and thanks for your post.