Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Celtics To The 10th Power: C's Unify Position In Weekly Rankings

The Celtics have arrived at the 10th Floor of the 2012 NBA Heirarchy Towers, and the elevator may be heading straight down with a bullet.

As reported by our colleagues over at Boston.SB Nation.com, the Boston Celtics now rank in the top ten across the board in this week's power rankings by the NBA (poll), ESPN, FoxSports.com and Boston SB Nation themselves.

The C's 10th place ranking seems to be about the only team anyone can agree on, with the battle for first place being fought between the Grizzlies and the Heat, and all the other positions loose and up for grabs depending on where you look.

The folks over at Hoopsworld have also joined this exercise in community unity and ranked the C's at #10, though if not for the distasteful drubbing they took at the hands (wheels?) of the Men From Motown, they might have ranked them higher.

In any case, all signs point to a team on the rise -- a two-game win streak that featured several gut-check "this is where we learn a little sumpin' 'bout ourselves as a team" moments, a win against last year's #2 team in the NBA, and a large group of newcomers starting to meld with the established veterans to begin feeling more comforatable and ready to accept the team's concepts, according to the most recent post on Boston.com's "CelticsBlog:"    
Celtics Coach Doc Rivers:

"Teams take steps," said Rivers. "To win titles you take a lot of steps. The first step for us was buying in, and I think we've done that. But now we've got to get it right. Second thing is pick and roll. It never stops. I would love to find that team where there's perfection, and you show up and say, 'Guys, we have nothing to practice on.'"

There's a bunch more from CelticsBlog about preparing for tomorrow's contest against the Brooklyn Nets, defending the pick and roll, and Kris Joseph's return to the C's with his new take on being a part-time Celtic and full-time Red Claw.

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