Friday, November 23, 2012

Introducing: GreenHeadz On Red Claws

I can almost see the quizzical looks on the faces of anyone reading this post (granted, that may not amount to more than two or three faces, but I digress...

"Why is this guy wasting his time writing about D-League Basketball when there are a whole slew of rumors about Marcin Gortat heating up and we have the NBA Finals runner-up Oklahoma City Thunder coming to town with our old pal Perk?
"Well, first of all, the speculative angle of the "Gortat Is Hot" story has been pretty(*)...well(*)...covered(*). There's nothing more concrete to talk about until we get some actual offers being made at some point, and that doesn't look to happen before December 15th at the earliest.

Secondly, what can you say about OKC coming in to play? They're a great team and the C's are still finding themselves, though they're becoming a pretty competitive bunch by the day. It should be a good contest, provided the Guyz in Green have their respective heads on straight and aren't tripping on the tryptophan from yesterday's family festivities.

The reason that I am introducing the "GreenHeadz on Red Claws" segment is threefold:
1- The Celtics have two draftees on the squad (at least for now...Fab Melo may be called back sooner than later for regular minutes with the departure of this year's benchbeast Darko Milicic) and I think, as basketball fans, we might enjoy tracking the progress of two players who may play a significant role on the team in a year or two, if not sooner. Plus, Kris Joseph is pretty entertaining to watch. We also have camp invitee Micah Downs running for the Claws, so there's that.
2- I think the NBDL doesn't get as much attention as it should, seeing as how most NBA teams have prospects toiling away in obscurity in the hopes of making it back to the big leagues and earning some valuable playing time on the varsity team.
3) I love Crusher, the crustacean mascot of the Maine Red Claws, and I want to use the logo every chance I get!

Seriously, though, the intention is to shed some light on the work that Fab and Kris are doing and track their development while giving an occasional shout out to the League's official minor league outfit. You never could be watching the formative steps of the next baby Stiem-Roller!

Tonight's game will feature the Maine Red Claws against the Canton Charge (of Ohio, I believe...). The game tips off at 7:30 pm and you can watch it live-streamed on youtube here.

To learn more about the Maine Red Claws, visit their home website here, and you can click to download their schedule for the 2012-13 season. And, finally, you can visit the NBADL website here to check in on the other teams that the Claws will be playing throughout the season.

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