Thursday, November 29, 2012

NBA Sends Rondo To His (Trainer's) Room For Two Games Following Krumphries Dust-Up

So there we have it.

According to Danny Ainge on WEEI Radio, Rajon Rondo has been handed a 2-game suspension for taking Brooklyn Net Kris Humphries (heretofore to be forever known merely as "Krumphries.") to the mat in last night's contest between the Celtics and Nets.

For those who may have missed it (welcome back from your brief coma!), at the end of the second quarter in last night's game, Krumphries gave an extra slap to Kevin Garnett's shoulder on the way down after his initial foul knocked KG off of his feet. Ragin' Rondo took umbrage to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians castoff and his actions against one of his Celtic mates, and some moderate measurement of Hell broke loose under the basket. 


Anyway, Rondo was quite fortunate to recieve only two games off to "think about what he did" (which, apparrently, he already has and unapologetically believes that it was justified) before being eligible to come back against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday, December 5th, bypassing tomorrow's game against the Portland Trailblazers and the third game this season against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday, December 1st.

Without getting too deeply into the topic of whether Ragin' Rondo's wrestling match with Killer Krumphries was a heroic reaction expressed by a loyal teammate or a boneheaded action taken at the expense of the greater good, I will use this analogy to describe the bottom line here: When you are the pilot of an airplane, you can't just jump out of the plane anytime you get the urge without killing all of your passengers. Whether you agree with Rondo's actions and believe that the Nets had it coming to them since the first meeting between these two teams, or you feel that he put himself above the team and what it is trying to accomplish, we all know that this team is better with Rondo than without him.

Now, since it was WEEI that broke the news of the NBA's decision about Rondo's suspension, it is only fitting that the rest of the links go to their coverage of the Rumble In The Jungle from last night. Interesting stuff there, including KG calling out Krumphries, what a (insert insult about giant crybabies who get taken down by little point guards here) Krumphries is for posting his battle scars on Twitter, and the listing of Wilcox and Green as day-to-day for the Portland tilt following an illness and knee injury respectively.

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