Wednesday, January 2, 2013

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There is a growing sense of dread surrounding this team. As the losses pile up and frantic fans search for understanding, many are beginning to believe that the team is simply far worse than initially advertised. The days of Gino dancing to Celtics domination have given way to a bitter certainty that the good times are gone.

Before we all jump off the proverbial cliff, allow me to paint a less dire picture. The observations offered below may not sit well with some and are certainly not in line with the collective conventional wisdom of the team's media coverage. However, there are points that need to be addressed in light of this teams seemingly annual ability to find itself when it matters most.


The perimeter defense is clearly the biggest weakness of this team - not rebounding, not scoring, not "rim protection" - all of this boils down to controlling the perimeter.

Boston needs an upgrade to the frontcourt. Whether its internal production or the ever-growing probability of outside help, its a known issue area. but it can come from either the 4 or the 5 as long as the skills required are there. Most 4/5's are interchangeable. Boston's dearth of "length" in the frontcourt has made the damage caused from perimeter penetration that much more pronounced.

That being said, it doesn't appear that the team needs a massive overhaul at all - Lee, Green, and Sullinger have all played much more consistently over the past 14 games. People are overreacting to the end result of losses and not seeing the dynamics of the individual players. While winning is the bottom line, finding a solution to get back to the winning ways requires a thorough grasp of how everyone is performing. These three actually are, in fact, starting to "fit" together better with the team concept. Whether or not they must be used in trade is another matter, but they look much improved from season's beginning... {For the rest of the story, click this link or visit:}

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