Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hookin' Up Facials, & Rimshots & Throwdowns...

Gettin' It Started 
-- As Always --
With One Of The Game's Most Emphatic Dunkers

This week, Conjunction Dunktion plays catch-up with a couple of early-season Big Ticket tear-downs, some Christmas thunder from The Truth, and season highlights from that emphatic dunker himself, Jeff Green.  

But we couldn't run the first "C.D." of the year without including a pair of "Did you see that!?!? specials from around the NBA that are so hot, they must have come straight from Jam-aica! Get your green popcorn ready, turn up the volume and enjoy!

The Baseline Of Truth
Holiday Hammerings
Howlin' At The Hoop

A Big Ticket To All That Jazz
Big "D"struction
Christmastime Crusher
And now... the rest of the NBA...
Word To Your Mamba

Mr. Smith Goes To Smashington

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