Saturday, January 26, 2013

Anonymous Scout Says "C's Not Good Enough"

I just read this post on reporter Mark Stein's "Weekend Dime" and wanted to share it with anyone who passes through this way and (still) cares about the Celtics.

At first, when I read the thing, I had that indignant and righteous anger of a person getting told some hard truths by a stranger (hold-up, &*%$, you don't know me like that!), but as I thought about it for a second, there is indeed some validity to the assessment.

"For them to win games, [Jared] Sullinger pretty much has to have a double-double. And we're talking about a 6-[foot-]7 center. The other big issue is that they've got no one making any 3s. The Jet [Jason Terry] hasn't been on the runway very often. And Avery Bradley, for all his defensive prowess, isn't shooting the ball well, either."  
-- Anonymous Eastern Scout

I'm going to let you read the rest of this thing yourself and make your own judgement, but I WILL say this: I think there are some parts that are also off the mark. The C's can still win without the bench playing flawless basketball, Bradley has actually been shooting better of late (including 3s), and I believe that this group can still get the job done if they embrace the team philosophy.

There are a LOT of comments shooting around the blogosphere about the Celtics making this trade or that one and Danny Ainge and Wyc Grousbeck have been quoted about anticipating personnel changes, but as I've said before -- they really aren't going to blow it up, short of a LeBron or Dwight Howard (hold on for a second...I have to swallow that squirt of vomit that just came up) blockbuster, and unless they can get a quality rebounding-scoring-swatter of a center (think Sam Dalembertish or Marcin Gortatesque) for relatively cheap (meaning Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger stay put), they're going with what they have and will pick up some flotsam/jetsam that will be floating around the League with an unsigned contract after the trade deadline.

Contrary to what many may be thinking, that's not such a bad thing. Trust me.

For now, let's all just get ready for "The Return of Ray-Ray..."


Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat
Sunday, January 27th, 2013
@ 1:00 p.m.
Boston Garden, Boston, MA

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