Wednesday, January 16, 2013

C's Suffer Anaphylactic Shock As Hornets Attack: 78-90

Though many focused on the Rivers-a-Rivers, father vs. son, progenitor vs. progeny yadda, yadda yadda...the truth is, Austin Rivers was a non-factor, scoring 8 points in 23 minutes.

So, what DID matter in the game?

For the Hornets, it was Al-Farouq Aminu (18 points[???!!], mostly from the free throw line), Robin Lopez (17 points, 7-11 from the field), Greivis Vazquez ( 15 points, 11 rebounds) and "The Brow" (rookie Anthony Davis) who scored 10, boarded 10, blocked 2, stole once and assisted once.

For the Celtics? It was outside shooting (or the lack thereof), rebounding (or the lack thereof) and pacing (which there was plenty of, just not the kind the Celtics prefer).

The Celtics were a miserable 37% shooting free-throws (6-16), while the Hornets made 83.9% of theirs (26-31). The C's were outrebounded 48-33 and lost the battle down low with 32 interior points against 48 from New Orleans.

In the end, though they made a few runs at their opponent, the Celtics weren't able to get enough defensive stops to make up for their arctic 4th quarter shooting.

You want to know who the Celtics' top producers were? Be my guest:

Box Score

I'm going to bed.

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