Thursday, August 8, 2013

Paul Pierce: "It's Time For Us To Start Running This City."

Yeah, this is a really nice article about the adjustment of the two "artists formerly known as Celtics," Paul Pierce (mostly) and Kevin Garnett adjusting to their new home and accepting their status as Brooklyn's Finest. It's also another opportunity to stalk these guys like an obsessed ex-boyfriend/girlfriend ("what did she do NOW? Did she say anything about me??") until I've fully moved on when the season starts (yeah...sure...).

But, what really excited me about this article was Paul Pierce in full "I'm the best shooter in the NBA" Truthmode and talking smack about the team that he really loves to stick it to.

You hear that, New York? There's a new group of Sheriffs in town and they're comin' to bring you to justice!

------<sigh...why can't we get players like that?>------

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