Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lacking Substance, Lazy Writers Try To Stick You Innuendo

Oh, for crying out loud!

People...I know there's not much more out there to talk about -- though I think the ongoing saga of a Celtics team pulling together without their best player and rookie phenom is fairly sexy with enough leg to walk a few more weeks -- but, can we PLEASE put the "Garnett May Be Traded!!" futhermucking shullbit to bed? Please? Please?!?

Look...a day of reporting rumored hearsay is fine. A second day, I get it...you have to look at all the angles...beat the fantasy horse a little. But, folks...three days on a story that isn't backed up by a single credible source, makes no tangible sense to either team, and is essentially barred from happening in the first place because the main player mentioned in the deal has a "no-trade" clause...overkill, much?

I know I sound cranky, and maybe that's because we're talking about trying to trade one of the two Celtics that currently deserve to retire in Green (we'll talk about the rafters for Garnett another time...maybe when readers need sexy...) and it rubs me the wrong way when normally levelheaded talking-heads start behaving like they're on the latest episode of "Basketball Housewives From The Bachelor's Surviving Dancemom's HoneyBooBoo."

I know, I know..."this is what sportswriters and bloggers DO!" Some of 'em even get paid for it. I get it. I do.

But, how long can we kick that horse before it turns into powder? According to reports, Garnett has a number of conditions that would prohibit his waiver of the no trade clause he holds and one of them hinges on whether or not Paul Pierce is also traded. That's all I need to know. To paraphrase the father of a bumblingly lovable drink-share-worthy ex-president who is an ex-president himself, the Celtics are "not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent at this juncture."

Doc says as much at the 1:33 mark:

But, as I said...normally sensible folks are out there flogging this non-story so hard, they should face suspensions and fines before they're allowed to return to work. (Sorry, Sherrod...this was just three steps past one too many. 

So, I implore everyone to get their sanity back and start reporting on other more interesting stuff that actually happened, like how Ron Artest will never be worthy of the respect of people calling him anything other than the name for which he became notorious (in a BAD way not B.I.G. way); our next opponent Toronto's more potent offense with the addition of Rudy Gay; how the Lakers appear to have righted their ship somewhat just as they prepare to invade the Garden on Thursday; and, finally...oh, hey, would you look at that...four-game win streak without our best player and rookie phenom!

Then again, aren't some of you still participating in Honey Nut Cheerioverkill?

For crying out loud.

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