Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fairweathers: You...Must...Chill!

Listen up, has been said in this space numerous times, there is no need to panic.
With the possible exception of location, situation and number of people in the room, this is a nearly flawless reenactment of what you have sounded like more or less, since the season began for the Celtics that fateful night in Miami.

But, as has also been stated here in times almost too numerous to list (almost), if you are the Bill Paxton circa the movie "Aliens" of your circle of friends (if you don't recognize this behavior in any of your co-C's fans, then...BINGO! He is you), then you should sit down, take a deep breath...hug close your favorite teddy bear, stuffed rabbit or Linus blanket and read the entirety of ESPN's Chris Forsberg as he posts the final Mailbag of the year 2012.

Though I'm the kind of guy who hates to give away surprise endings to movies and books, I feel that it is my duty as one of the true GreenHeadz of the world to prevent you from doing something you might horribly regret in the very near future (like declaring your allegiance to the Miami Heat or claiming that you were a New York Knicks fan all along).

Among the many excellent, wonderful, insightful pithy, intelligent points that Mr. Forsberg makes in response to some of the clammy, hyperventilating C's fans sending emails from their sweat-soaked mobile devices:
Q: Well, should the panic button be pressed? -- @RRP88 (via Twitter)

A: You guys know me by now; I'm not a panic-button guy. Are there concerning signs with this team? Absolutely. Is there any reason to believe Boston can't achieve its ultimate goal because of a 14-14 start? Absolutely not. What leaves me incredulous is how fast we forget recent history. The Celtics were 15-17 in a shortened season last year and ended up minutes from a trip to the NBA Finals. Boston went 27-27 down the stretch in 2010 and came within minutes of topping the Lakers in Game 7.

 And then there's:

Q: Do you think the Celtics can win a championship as they are constructed now? I don't think they're even close. -- @FrenchLickNick (via Twitter)

A: I do. Maybe I'm swimming in a vat of green Kool-Aid over here, but there's enough pure talent that Boston absolutely can compete for a title.
So, do yourselves a favor, my sweaty friends...check out the entire column. It should help you sleep a little bit more soundly. At least until the next game.


  1. They should fire Rivers and put Newt in charge.

  2. I love it! Another "Aliens" fan! But, let's give Doc some credit here...Danny brought in a bunch of new guys -- some of whom weren't necessarily known for their stellar defensive abilities -- and he's starting to show them The Way. I truly believe that this team is going to contend this year, well I believe it mostly. Mostly.