Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kudos To Jay King For Story Featuring Avery Bradley's Assist To Ailing Child

Earlier today, as I was sifting through some of the recent Celtics-related news, I came across this great article and video from back on September 4th written by Jay King of about a story that first appeared in the North Providence Valley Breeze.

The story features Avery Bradley and Cedric Maxwell's visit to the home of K.J. Ricci, huge Celtics fan and proud recipient of the Celtics-Re/Max home court makeover contest -- you know, it's the one where the winners get their driveways remade into sweet-looking basketball courts and rooms are decked out in full C's regalia.

Without giving too much of the article away, K.J. is a child seriously ill with an aggressive form of leukemia, which has occurred on top of a rare bone disorder that has required six separate surgeries over the course of the ten short years that he has been alive.

In the video, you can see Bradley (who is dealing with his own adversity since the recent passing of his mother) presenting K.J. with a Celtics jersey featuring the number #13 and "Ricci" on the back, along with one of his own "#0" player jerseys.

As bloggers covering the same subject as hundreds of other bloggers, we can sometimes become too preoccupied with breaking news about the game, its players and all of the minutia surrounding them, but I wanted to take this opportunity to commend Jay for bringing this story to light, along with the North Providence Valley Breeze for breaking it.

You can find the entire story here along with links that take you to K.J.'s FaceBook page and a page where you can make a donation to help defray the spiraling costs of his continuing medical treatment.

Oh, and while we're at it, why don't you go and follow Jay on Twitter here.

Nice work, Jay. Bravo, Sir.

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