Monday, March 4, 2013

FLYPAPER, March 4th, 2013: Bradley Effect, New Faces Settle, Go Time For The C's, Old Dogs & New Tricks, Wilcox Coming Along

We took a quick buzz around Celtics/NBA cyberspace and landed on a swarm of articles, posts and clips you'll want to see. Here's what stuck:   

"The Avery Bradley Effect" --, via Brian Robb

"New Faces Settling In With Celtics" --, via Amalie Benjamin

"It's Go Time For The Celtics" --, via Marc D'Amico

"An Old Dog And Some Young Pups Learn New Tricks" --, via Jeff Clark

"Chris Wilcox: Things Are Starting To Come Along" --, via @Tom_NBA.

"Can The Boston Celtics Still Top The Atlantic Division?" --, via Mike Cerra

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