Monday, October 29, 2012

Flight Of The GreenHeadz

Okay, I think I know what you might be thinking: "A new blog About the Boston Celtics? Swell! We sure don’t have enough of THOSE!"

And, you know what? I might be inclined to agree with the sarcastic-but-astute commentary that I’ve imagined for you. There most certainly ARE a lot of other blogs and websites devoted to the fan’s take on the greatest sports franchise that ever played a game.

Which really is the point of this blog. I know that there are some really top-flight, Grade-A, U.S.D.A. Prime beef sites out there (,,,,,,,,…I’m lookinatchu, Guyz!) and I don’t in any way hope to detract from their readership – hell, I plan on linking heavily to all of ‘em to give readers the full experience. No, I seek merely to add my voice to the massive and melodious chorus of die-hard GreenHeadz currently buzzing around the Bloggosphere.

As for my fancred (in case you were wondering) my Celtic Pride and eternal love for the green was forged in the iron of early 1980's basketball which carried me through the lean years of Brad (Baby Bird) Lohaus & Mark Acres, the sadness of Reggie’s death and Lenny Bias before him, to Sherm Douglas & old-ass seasoned veteran ‘Nique, and later to the hope of a financially secure ‘Toine and a kid named Pierce who completely delivered on all of his great promise in the 2008 Finals (with the help of some of guys named Jesus, K.G. and Doc, of course).

Throughout the years, I’ve found myself talking to anyone who cared to listen about the Celtics and even those who didn’t (sorry, Mom!) and now, I get to channel my passion here into this blog. Hopefully, I’ll get to continue those conversations for a long time to come with other great GreenHeadz I meet along the way.

So, without even so much as a little further ado...

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